Monday, October 20, 2008

Their price goes up - Our price stays low!

Cadbury announced recently that they're having financial difficulties, and as a result, some 250 jobs will be cut. Furthermore, they're raising the prices for their entire line-up.

Why is Cadbury having such trouble? Well, 80% of their revenue is from international sources (Their headquarters is located in the UK, meaning that only 20% of their gross income is from within The Kingdom), and all signs point to the international market being a priority in their future.

One of the things we've learned in our short time as a national small-time chocolatier is to make sure you've secured a profitable and worthy home base before branching out to the rest of the world. As it stands right now, Haydee Chocolatier products are only available within the continental US.

So, the bottom line is, as Cadbury product prices soar in the coming year, you can expect Haydee to stay as affordable as it is right now =).

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