Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog staff full!

Well in just a couple of short days we have managed to fill up our blog writing staff!

Please welcome Harold, Kim and Wendy to the bill!

All three of them have experience blogging and they were chosen based on their ability to create enticing, well-worded and captivating articles.

In other words, you can expect this place to get a lot more exciting in the very near future!

If you haven't bookmarked us yet, what are you waiting for? =)


Momstart said...

oops, I just sent a request to join your staff, well, hopefully you'll keep my info on hand and if you are in need, I'll be happy to help out. I would also love to blog about you on my own site to increase awareness.

PR Lindsay said...

Hey...there are tons of comments on other websites that Haydee Chocolate's is not a real company and is just collecting personal infomation. Why does your privacy policy have "Tyson" in it? :

"Tyson does not sell, share, or otherwise distribute to third parties Personal Information."

Anonymous said...

To Haydee Chocolatier (or whoever you are): It's not nice to SCAM/Phish people with a fake offer for chocolate. Shame on you. How could you, please stop!

Momstart said...

I don't think you could possible have any chocolate left and you are still giving free samples?

Sounds Phishy to me too

J9Starr said...

Sent request for free chocolate sample a cpouple weks back still no chocolate. Got an offer for free coffee from Haydee Chocolates and filled out that form. Within two hours of filling out that form, despite having unchecked any contact me boxes I found, I started getting sales calls to my cell phone to the tune of one an hour. They have dropped off to one or two a day in the last week but still totally unacceptable.